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Streamline customer payments throughout the entire journey

Make it easier for customers to pay their bills on-time and securely with automated bill reminders
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Partnering with Industry Leaders
Why Glider

Receive more payments, more often by transforming your bill payment experience.

Automated bill reminder campaigns

Transform large volumes of recurring bills into user-friendly, personalised payment experience, in a matter of seconds. Or send a one-off invoice based on your custom triggered events, all with the same API request.

Offer flexible payment options

Enable customers preferred payment methods with your existing payment gateway, as well as the ability to pay now or set up a payment plan.

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Engage across channels

Decide when, how and with what content to engage your customers across multiple channels including SMS, Email, QR code or Social.

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Optimise with data insights

From transaction visibility to consumer payment behaviour insights, Glider’s reporting console and APIs help organisations improve their bill payment experiences.

“We have seen a significant increase in bills paid, a huge reduction in calls into our contact centre and improved NPS.”

– Customer Billing and Experience,
   Australian Water Utility

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53% of bill payers admit to paying bills late. Read the latest  billing insights in our Decoding Australian Bill Payment Trends report.
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Use our API to create payment reminder campaigns either manually or with triggered events

Billing & Collections - how it works


Glider’s range of capabilities

Agent Assisted Payments

Collect payments seamlessly over the phone or via webchat

Automated Payment Reminders

Set up and run payment campaigns tailored to your business requirements

Self-Service Payments 

AI-powered chatbot enabling customers to make payments 24/7

Payment Plans

Flexible payment options; customisable dates, amounts and frequency

Payment Methods

Range of payment methods: Credit & Debit cards, Apple & Google Pay, PayPal, PayTo

Analytics & Insights

Get real-time reporting on user behaviours and payment patterns


Platform agnostic across payment gateways and other business systems

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Glider has improved NPS and led to a reduction of inbound call volumes about payment reminders, from around 10% to less than 3%.
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Pay for what you use with our usage-based pricing model.