Secure payment requests, from anywhere

Glider Widget

Glider Widget

Quickly send digital payment requests from anywhere. You can track which invoices are paid and unpaid, send reminders and accept payments, all in real time. Deliver your customers a seamless service experience, all from the same solution.

Glider Widget – Secure payment requests, from anywhere.

Be up and running in minutes with the smartest payment communications solution in the market. Get in touch now or scroll down to learn more about Glider Widget features.


Fully customisable and tailored front-end solution

Every business is unique and as such we have made the Glider Widget fully customisable to suit your brand and business rule configuration needs. From creating a payment plan workflow, to booking a flight, the possibilities are endless.

Single sign-on integration

100 or 1,000 users, it doesn’t matter. On-boarding and if required, off-boarding of employees with Glider is a breeze. Our enterprise level SSO service is integrated with the leading identity authentication solutions.

Zero compromise in customer experience

Transform the payment request experience with Glider Widget by enabling end-to-end transparency of customer payment progress for the Agent and importantly, creating complete confidence for the customer – all in a matter of seconds.

Any device, any channel

Different customers prefer to pay using different devices and channels. That’s why Glider seamlessly enables Agents to send payment requests to any connected device and across any channel. SMS, Email or Social, take your pick.

Your data, ready, willing and able

Capture every action to make better business decisions. Glider Widget is packaged with Glider’s user friendly console to provide deep insights into user behaviours and payment patterns.


De-scope your systems from PCI DSS compliance nightmares

Mitigate the risk of a security breach and completely remove your employees and business systems from PCI scope with Glider Widget. Regardless if your team is working from home, in the office, on the road, or somewhere in between, you can now easily send secure payment requests, from anywhere.

Ready to send secure payment requests from anywhere?