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Free up your CSRs for more complex queries with our AI-powered chatbot

Enable customers to pay bills at the moments that suit them
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Glider’s AI-powered chatbot is designed to streamline bill payment, providing a hassle-free experience for users that is available 24/7.

How it Works

Our chatbot utilises AI technology, allowing users to pay bills via voice or webchat

Integrated with Genesys Cloud Contact Center Platform

With its natural language processing capabilities, 24/7 availability and secure payment processing, our chatbot delivers an exceptional user experience.

  • Voice and webchat enabled

  • Users are verified during conversation flow

  • Reduces human error

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Frictionless, trusted payment experiences

Reduce inbound payment enquiries by enabling secure bill payments on the spot. Importantly, mitigate the risk of a data breach by removing your phone systems and employees from PCI-DSS scope.

  • Configurable and tailored to your brand

  • Integrated with your existing payment gateway

  • Reduces inbound contact centre enquiries

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Customers can pay when they want, where they want

The Glider chatbot validates the account status, and removes barriers so the customer can easily and securely make payment.

  • No account creation required

  • Offer a range of payment methods

  • 24/7 availability

Configure colours, logo, messaging and fields
Optimise your payment strategies with real-time reporting

Access all of your customer event and metric data with our powerful and simple to use REST API. Integrate and query in realtime the performance, availability and usage data collected. 

  • Real-time reporting

  • Insights on consumer payment behaviours

  • Accessible via API or reporting console

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Solutions for your business

The ability to make bill payments securely and easily is a critical enabler for improved customer satisfaction, reduced complaints and on-time payments.
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Contact Centres

Supercharge your phone and webchat payments experience to take more payments, more securely.

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Make it easier for customers to pay their bills on-time and securely with our automated payment reminder campaigns.

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Improve overdue payment conversion with our automated reminder campaigns and flexible payment options.


Glider’s range of capabilities

Agent Assisted Payments

Collect payments seamlessly over the phone or via webchat

Automated Payment Reminders

Set up and run payment campaigns tailored to your business requirements

Self-Service Payments 

AI-powered chatbot enabling customers to make payments 24/7

Payment Plans

Flexible payment options; customisable dates, amounts and frequency

Payment Methods

Range of payment methods: Credit & Debit cards, Apple & Google Pay, PayPal, PayTo

Analytics & Insights

Get real-time reporting on user behaviours and payment patterns


Platform agnostic across payment gateways and other business systems


Pay for what you use with our usage-based pricing model.