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Offer your customers a variety of payment methods

We’re integrated with a range of payment gateways to make it easy to offer your customers their preferred payment methods
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Customers can pay with their preferred methods, in a seamless user experience.

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    Payment gateway agnostic

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    Configurable to your requirements

How it Works

It’s a simple process to connect your payment gateway with Glider

Easy integration with your payment gateway

Glider is connected to the leading online payment gateways, so you can keep working with your provider of choice and within your existing workflows. During set up you simply link your current payment gateway account to Glider and you are ready to go.

Your gateway not on the list? Don’t worry, we are probably working on it. Just ask us!

If you don’t currently have a payment gateway we can help connect you with the leading providers.

Real-time reporting showing payment method preferences

From transaction visibility to consumer payment behaviour insights, Glider’s reporting console and APIs help organisations improve their billing and contact centre experiences.

  • Payment methods used

  • Device type and location insights

  • Time of day and day of week trends

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Solutions for your business

The ability to make bill payments securely and easily is a critical enabler for improving customer satisfaction and increasing payments collected. 
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Contact Centres

Supercharge your phone and webchat payments experience to take more payments, more securely.

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Make it easier for customers to pay their bills on-time and securely with our automated payment reminder campaigns.

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Improve overdue payment conversion with our automated reminder campaigns and flexible payment options.


Glider’s range of capabilities

Agent Assisted Payments

Collect payments seamlessly over the phone or via webchat

Automated Payment Reminders

Set up and run payment campaigns tailored to your business requirements

Self-Service Payments 

AI-powered chatbot enabling customers to make payments 24/7

Save Payment Method

Enable customers to save their preferred method for future payments

Payment Plans

Flexible payment options; customisable dates, amounts and frequency

Payment Methods

Range of payment methods: Credit & Debit cards, Apple & Google Pay, PayPal, PayTo

Analytics & Insights

Get real-time reporting on user behaviours and payment patterns


Platform agnostic across payment gateways and other business systems


Pay for what you use with our usage-based pricing model.