Revolutionise the way your customers pay bills


Chat with our AI and discover the future of payment workflows

Glider’s AI-powered chatbot is designed to streamline bill payments, providing a hassle-free experience for users.

Integrated with the Genesys Cloud Contact Center Platform, Glider utilises advanced artificial intelligence technology, allowing users to pay their bills via voice or webchat workflows.


Voice and web chat payments

Our chatbot seamlessly integrates with voice or web chat workflows, enabling an experience that meets modern consumer expectations – no need for clunky IVR’s

Natural language processing

Our chatbot uses NLP technology to understand user queries and provide personalised responses that meet their needs.


24/7 availability

Our chatbot is always available to assist users, providing them with the convenience of paying bills at any time.

Flexible payment plans

Enable hardship workflows, allowing customers to set up a payment plan to pay accounts via flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

payment plans

Secure payments

Our chatbot guarantees secure payment processing, ensuring that users’ transactions are safe and protected.


Our cutting-edge AI-powered chatbot is the ultimate solution for handling bill payment workflows.

With its seamless payment gateway integration, NLP capabilities, 24/7 availability, automated reminders, and secure payment processing, our chatbot delivers an exceptional user experience.

Saves time

Our chatbot eliminates the need for users to spend time navigating complex payment processes, making bill payments quick and effortless.

Reduces errors

With our chat bot’s NLP capabilities, users can avoid errors that can occur when manually filling out payment forms, ensuring that payments are accurate and on time.

Improves cash flow

Our chatbot ensures timely payments, providing businesses and individuals with an improved cash flow and preventing late payment penalties.

Personalised experience

Our chatbot provides a personalised experience, responding to user queries in a conversational tone and delivering tailored solutions.

Say goodbye to tedious payment processes and hello to our innovative and efficient chatbot!