Because collecting payments should be easy

Glider is for collecting payments

Momentum in the payment process is crucial. Lost momentum = lost or delayed payment. For businesses, this means unhappy customers and wasted resource chasing payments.

Glider streamlines the payment process: making an often painful process; painless.

Our mission is to be the smartest way for business to collect payments – more efficient (cost & time), more secure, more environmentally friendly and the best customer / employee experience.

A partner for good

Underpinning our mission, by reducing organisation’s reliance on paper, we exist to provide a greener payment communications solution. We believe that we all have an obligation to not just reduce our impact, but to leave our planet in better shape than we found it – because we only have one!

We’re for business

We’ve designed our processes the same way we designed Glider: we want to solve problems for our customers.

To that end; our goal is to make Glider easy to setup and easy to use. In most cases it takes only a matter of hours to go from sign up to operation, and we’re always looking for ways to make it even easier.

We roll out new features and integrations quickly and robustly, and by collaborating with our customers we make sure everything we do drives value for them.

Platform agnostic. Glider is built to be flexible and is not locked into any one platform, gateway or system. If you have very particular integration needs we can work with you to solve them.

Green future.
Supporting customer payments often means ongoing paper based communication. Glider brings you closer to your customers – while helping your organisation reduce its reliance on paper.

Seamless support. Stringent SLA’s, helpdesk support, pro-active and responsive service means you can rest assured. We will be here when you need us.

We help plan, pilot and scale the solution. We understand that implementing solutions are not just a matter of flicking a switch. We work with you to plan the implementation to make sure it’s a smooth process.

Globally available

Glider is a venture-backed B2B Fintech company. Our enterprise grade SaaS platform can be easily deployed to support the payment communication needs of businesses located in any region around the globe.

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