Sydney, Australia – Glider, a leading provider of payment solutions, has launched an innovative AI-powered chatbot, integrated with Genesys Contact Center Platform to streamline bill payments. The chatbot integrates advanced artificial intelligence technology, allowing users to pay their bills via voice or web chat workflows.

The chatbot utilises advanced artificial intelligence technology to provide a personalised and hassle-free experience for users. With the chatbot’s seamless integration, natural language processing capabilities, 24/7 availability, automated reminders, and secure payment processing, users can make payments with ease, reducing errors and preventing late payment penalties.

“Our chatbot represents a new era of payment solutions, where advanced AI technology makes paying bills as easy as having a conversation,” said Glider’s CEO, Shaun Dobbin. “We believe that our chatbot will revolutionise the way individuals and businesses make payments, providing a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional payment methods.”

In addition to its innovative technology, Glider’s chatbot also provides a range of benefits, including enhanced user experience, timely payments, error reduction, and cost savings.

“Our chatbot is not just a solution for bill payments, but it is also a solution for businesses looking to reduce payment processing costs,” said Mark Frederikson, Glider’s CRO. “With our chatbot, businesses can enjoy a more efficient and affordable payment solution, freeing up valuable resources for other areas of their operations.”

By integrating with Genesys Contact Center Platform, the chatbot provides a seamless and unified payment solution across multiple channels for users. Its conversational tone and personalised solutions ensure an exceptional and hassle-free user experience

The launch of Glider’s AI-powered chatbot represents a significant milestone in the payment solutions industry, as it offers a new and innovative way for individuals and businesses to make payments with ease.

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About Glider:
Glider is a leading provider of payment solutions, offering innovative and secure payment processing services to businesses and individuals. With a focus on delivering exceptional user experiences, Glider leverages advanced technology to streamline payment workflows and reduce costs.