In 2019, an Australian utility was facing a number of challenges, relating to taking payments by phone.

The two key challenges were:

  1. Due to system limitations, agents working from home were unable to assist customers with processing their card payments
  2. Occasional call recording software glitches resulted in the recording of sensitive card data, and a consequential PCI DSS breach


The Glider Agent Assisted Payment solution was introduced to allow agents to send Payment Requests during the call. Both the customer and the agent can view the details of a successful payment, allowing for instant resolutions during the phone call. Importantly, no card information is spoken or entered via DTMF tones for the payment to be processed.


Thanks to Glider, the utility was able to descope agents, call recording and their phone system from PCI DSS.  After a successful 3-month Proof of Concept, Glider was rolled out to the entire contact centre. Glider’s integration with the Utility’s Single Sign On platform also meant that onboarding and where required, off-boarding, of the Utility’s Contact Centre team members was a seamless and secure experience.

Customers and contact centre agents prefer the new Glider Payment Request process compared to the clunkiness of the previous method, enabling an improved customer and employee experience.


“Glider allows our staff to take payments while working from home when previously they had to make an internal transfer back to head office, creating inefficiencies and a poor customer/employee experience.

The introduction of Glider now allows staff to perform their full role no matter where they work, aligning to our new ways of working strategy.”

Head of Strategic Business Partnerships