Receive more payments, more often.

Transform how your business requests and collects payment.

Key benefits

Real-time reporting

Improve cashflow

Collect more payments, more often by delivering timely and effective contact solutions.

PCI compliant

Ensure compliance

Secure payment solutions to help you achieve and retain PCI compliance and protect your customers.

Easy integration

Customer satisfaction

Paying bills should be easy, yet often this is not the case. Provide a better way to pay using Glider.

Use your existing gateway technology

Save time & money

Create business efficiencies by automating the collections process with Glider.

Agent assisted payments

Remove your agents and telephone system from PCI scope with Glider Agent Assisted Payments.

Automated receivables

Simplify and streamline the experience for late paying customers.

Auto resolution self-service

Smart solutions to keep your customers’ payments on track.

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