Your data ready, willing and able

User friendly console to provide deep insights into user behaviours and payment patterns

Instant answers for all your teams

Business teams

to run operations more efficiently

Finance teams

to access real-time reports

Data teams

to find new business opportunities


What time of day are we getting the best click-through rates?


What is the average value of Q2 reminders compared to Q1?


What days last month did we send reminders to Account XYZ?


Has adoption increased since we provided 24 month payment plans?


What is the total value of scheduled payment plan payments?


Has the click-through rate improved since updating our Email?


Visualise data that will drive your actions

Dive into hundreds of data points that are captured during the user’s interaction with the ‘Smart Invoice’ payment portal. Explore insights, user behaviour and payment patterns computed and displayed for you in an easy to consume format.

Search, filter, order and export any single record of your data

With structured access to your data you can search, order, filter and export your answers instantaneously within user friendly tables and query forms. Running your customer reports and taking action has never been easier.

Keep your data safe

Set an authentication method that’s suitable for your company. Ensure no sensitive data can be leaked by setting permissions on a user and device level.

We are moving fast

We are continually releasing new features, charts, data points and so much more to help our customers run better businesses.

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