Smart payment communications platform

Cloud scalable API

Glider helps agile enterprises deliver secure payment communications.

Built on Amazon Web Services’ global infrastructure, Glider enables you to securely request and collect payments from your customers across multiple channels including SMS, email, QR code, social and more.

Glider is trusted by leading enterprises across the Finance, Government, Health, Utility, Insurance, Debt Collection, Media and Entertainment sectors.


Generate bulk or transactional payment requests, with a single call

Transform your large volumes of recurring bills into user-friendly, personalised and custom payment pages, in a matter of seconds. Or send your customers a one-off invoice based on your custom triggered events, all with the same API request.

Reach your customers on different channels

Decide when, how and with what content to engage your customers across any channel, including SMS, Email, QR code or Social.
Need to schedule or throttle your campaigns during working hours windows? Yep, you guessed it… we can do that too!

Know exactly what happens to every request you generate

Integrate and query in realtime the performance, availability and usage data collected by Glider Insights for your application.
Access all of your customer event and metric data with our powerful and simple to use REST API.

Target your audience with personalised experiences

Create trust and improve the customer experience by delivering easy to recognise payments communication with tailored messaging, verified business domains, custom branded invoices and email & SMS sender IDs.


Pay now, pay some or set up a plan


Choose and combine different payment strategies to let your customers decide which one best suits their personal circumstances.

Pay in full, pay some or tailor a payment plan where your customers can choose the instalment amounts, frequency and starting date of their repayments. Or you can just let our Glider Buddy AI engine suggest the best plan for them.

We have done the heavy lifting for you


Glider is connected to many of the leading online payment gateways, so you can keep working with your provider of choice and within your existing workflows.

Your gateway not on the list? Don’t worry, we are probably working on it. Just ask us!

Security & compliance

PCI compliant

Glider has established comprehensive privacy and security programs to help you protect and manage your organisation’s data where you need it.

Glider platform complies with PCI DSS requirements, no card details are stored on our systems and payments are made directly to your own payment processing account.

Learn more about security at Glider


Rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools, from RESTful API components to real-time webhooks. Using Glider platform means less maintenance for legacy systems and more focus on customer and product experiences.

  • RESTful API
  • Webhook
  • Test environment
  • Direct support
Explore the API

Try a payment request

(async () => {
  const got = require('got')

      headers: {
        Authorization: "Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        Content-type: "application/json"
      json: {
        name: "Demo Link 001",
        recipients: {
          name: "John Doe",
          account_number: "123456",
          amount: 333.33
    throw new Exception('Something went wrong!')